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About I Candy Crystals

All I Candy Crystals jewelry is made by Tia, stay at home mom, and self professed bead junkie!  After several years of rewarding work volunteering for the local autism community, Tia was searching for a way to combine her creativity and love of crafting, with a career that would allow her to work out of the home.  Beading started out as a hobby, but family and friends soon began requesting Tia's rings, and soon friends of friends were asking her to make rings for them too.

In no time, Tia's hobby quickly grew to an exciting jewelry business - now including bracelets, necklaces and much more!  All hand made by Tia, using the finest Swarovski crystals and an eclectic selection of new and vintage beads.  Crystals are a girls new best friend because not only are they sparkly and available in lots of colours and effects, Tia's jewelry is very affordable.