I Candy Crystals

Rings & Things by Tia

Caring for Your I Candy

Crystals are a girls new best friend!  So here are some hints to maintain the beautiful high quality shine and luster of your special occasion jewelry:


-sleeping in your jewelry, exposure to water, lotions, hair products, cooking grease, and scratching on hard surfaces which will not only dull the luster but may weaken the stringing material and loosen the crystal design


-by using baby wipes then drying with a soft cloth or mix up your own solution of water, dish soap and rubbing alcohol and again, polish with a soft cloth.  


Unless otherwise specified as sterling silver, any pieces with a silver look are made with copper that is silver plated.  In order to avoid any skin irritations only nickel and lead free silver plated materials are used in the making of I Candy.

Caring for silver plated jewelry is similar to sterling silver jewelry.   Storing in sealed plastic bags will delay the tarnishing effects of oxygen and perspiration.  To remove tarnish from silver plated jewelry use the same recommend cleaning techniques for cleaning Sterling Silver. The only major difference is limiting the amount of polish used as over exposure can inadvertently remove the silver plating.     

Unlike sterling silver, silver plated jewelry will eventually wear in time. Proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage are critical for extending its life.  Some Silver plated jewelry will last longer than others depending on the thickness of the layer.

Rather than polishes or pastes, we recommend you use a polishing cloth, available at fine jewelry stores. A polishing cloth is non-abrasive and it will remove tarnish without a lot of effort.  You can also try a tarnish removing paste found in jewelry stores, but be careful; some products can be highly abrasive and will remove some of the plating after each polishing.